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Infographics Submission Sites\

Introduction to Infographics

An Infographic is the most recent and effective & widely tools. It is a technique used for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization through social media.

Infographics are basically typed of graphical representation depicting some information or integrated with data that an audience can consume rapidly and easily.

Infographic submissions sites are one of the most powerful and reliable tools to optimize the online presence of blogs, sites, and businesses.

In the world of online marketing number of infographics submission site are present on the market and most people like visual content rather than text. So if you are using the Infographic in your content or blog which helps to generate traffic on your site.

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There are many benefits of Infographics such as; they are easy to read and comprehensive, they are eye-catching and so on, it is one of the best SEO strategies, they increase domain authority and boost traffic on your blog.

Here we provide you Top 20 Infographic Submission Sites List that will help you to the engaged user.

Free Infographics Submission Sites 2020

#1 Amazing Infographics

Submit Link: http://www.amazinginfographics.com/submit-infographics/

#2 SlideShare

How to submit: http://www.slideshare.net/upload

#3 Submit Infographic

How to submit: http://submitinfographic.com/submit-infographic/

#4 Add Infographic

Submit Link: http://addinfographic.com/submit-infographic/

#5 9gag

Submit Link: Create an account at https://9gag.com/signup

#6 borislavkiprin

How to submit: Create an account (see the “Ask Me Anything” tab, Tumblr Account Required)

#7 Brandless Blog

Submit Link: http://brandlessblog.com/submit-infographic/

#8 Data Visualizations

Submit Link:  http://datavisualizations.tumblr.com/submit

#9 Submit Infographics

How to submit: http://submitinfographics.com/submit-infographics

#10 Today Infographic

How to submit: http://todayinfographic.com/submit

#11 Top Infographic

How to submit: http://topinfographic.com/index.php/submit-infographics/

#12 Visualistan

submit Link: http://www.visualistan.com/p/submit-infographic.html

#13 Visulattic

How to submit: http://www.visulattic.com/p/submit-your-work.html

#14 TechBlogCorner.com

How to submit: Email [email protected]

#15 The Infographics

How to submit: http://theinfographics.blogspot.com/p/submit-infographic_22.html

#16 Cool Infographics

How to submit: http://www.coolinfographics.com/Contact

#17 Dumb Funded

How to submit: http://www.dumbfunded.co.uk/infographics/submit-your-infographic/

#18 Easel.ly

How to submit: Create an account athttps://www.easel.ly/auth/register

#19 Data Visualizations

How to submit: http://datavisualizations.tumblr.com/submit

#20 Directory of Infographics

How to submit: http://infographicsdirectory.blogspot.com/p/submit-your-infographic.html

#21 flickr

How to submit: Create an account at https://www.flickr.com/signup

#22 GOOD

How to submit: Email [email protected]

#23 Graphs.net

How to submit: https://graphs.net/submit

#24 eLearning Infographics How to submit: http://elearninginfographics.com/submit-education-infographics/

#25 Infographic Bee

How to submit: https://www.infographicbee.com/submit-infographics/

#26 Infographic Expo How to submit: http://infographicexpo.com/submit-your-infographic/

#27 infogram

How to submit: Create an account at https://infogram.com/signup

#28 Infographic Pics

How to submit: http://infographicpics.com/contact/

#29 Infographic Plaza

How to submit: http://infographicplaza.com/submit-infographics/

#30 Infographic Portal

How to submit: https://www.infographicportal.com/submit-infographics/

#31 Infographicas

How to submit: http://www.infographicas.com/?page_id=37

#32 Infographics Archive

How to submit: http://www.infographicsarchive.com/submit-infographics/

#33 Infographics King

How to submit: http://www.infographicsking.com/submit-infographic

#34 Infographics Mania

How to submit: http://infographicsmania.com/infographic-submission/

#35Infographics Showcase

How to submit: Email [email protected]

#36 Infographics Submission Hub

How to submit: Email [email protected]

#37 Infographix Directory

How to submit: http://infographixdirectory.com/submit-infographic/

#38 Mashable

How to submit: http://mashable.com/submit/

#39 News I Like

How to submit: http://newsilike.in/submit-infographic/

#40 Only Infographic

How to submit: http://www.onlyinfographic.com/submit-infographic/

#41 uCollect Infographics

How to submit: Create an account at http://www.ucollectinfographics.com/sign-up/

#42 Infographics Race

How to submit: http://www.infographicsrace.com/submit/

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